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Chinese Character a Day
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I will try to post one new long-form Chinese character here every day, along with some useful information about the character. Membership is open to anyone, although you will probably benefit the most from this group if you have completed at least one year of Mandarin Chinese at the college level. As you read this group, you will no doubt have many questions: why do I priviledge "long-form characters"? what is a "semantic-phonetic compound" anyway? For these and other questions, see the fifth and sixth bullet-points below.

I promise that I...

  • MAY or MAY NOT keep updating this journal.
  • MAY or MAY NOT continue to provide all the information about each character that I started providing at the beginning.
  • MAY or MAY NOT correct errors if you point them out in comments.
  • SHALL NOT let anyone besides myself post, although (currently) any members may comment.
  • SHALL NOT answer your questions about China, Chinese culture, Chinese language learning schools or software, and spoken or written Chinese.
  • SHALL NOT answer your questions about Livejournal, how to post, how to comment, how to set up your own community, where I learned Chinese, why I am doing this, or why I am doing it incorrectly.
  • SHALL eject you from membership if you (a) flame, (b) ignore my warnings that you are commenting way off topic, (c) try to discuss politics, religion, your partner's genitals, or anything else a reasonably intelligent adult knows doesn't belong in the comments to this group.
  • AM much nicer and more reasonable than this list suggests. (I just don't want this community to become a huge time-sink, so I'm not going to babysit.)

Your Great Helmsman, Chairman characterguy

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Themes so far: 分,方,僉,監,卑,兆,咅,辟,肅,共